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Pooler PA is a new free service that helps house hunters find their Perfect Address.

Personal Assistant

Register with Pooler PA and you will be allocated a Personal Assistant who will work hard to find your Perfect Address. We will use your individual preferences such your ideal type of house and even the specific streets that interest you. Our wealth of knowledge of the property market in South and East Belfast will be put to work right away.

Perfect Address

If we don't have any houses matching your criteria we will actively pursue prospective sellers who have not yet put their houses on the market. We do this by advertising your requirements on our website, in local press, on social media and by direct mail shots.


To appeal to potential sellers you should be pre-approved for a mortgage. All this means is that we need to be satisfied that you are committed to finding a new home and that you are in a suitable financial position to proceed to sale agreed.

Privileged Access

We will arrange Privileged Access viewings on new house listings. You get the chance to view compatible properties before they are advertised anywhere else. This is a first for property buyers in Northern Ireland.

Want to know more?

This is a totally new service for home buyers in Northern Ireland. If you have any questions or thoughts we would love to hear from you:

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